There is no better defense against online scammers than arming yourself with the knowledge to protect your online and digital security. Safe Horizon courses are designed to do just that. 

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Internet Security Fundamentals


Our Internet Security Fundamentals course is designed to equip you with essential knowledge and tools for all of the most important things you do online. We’ll help you with password security, teach you how to spot and avoid scams, keep your email more secure, and guide you in the use of security tools.


Course Content

The course is designed to equip you with essential knowledge and tools for secure online activities.

  • Mastering Passwords: Learn the art of creating strong, memorable passwords and the best practices for managing them. We will also guide you through the effective use of password managers to enhance your online security.
  • Phishing and Malware: Learn how to spot and avoid common phishing attempts and malicious software that could jeopardize your personal information and online security.
  • Email Safety: Understand the risks associated with emails and how to protect yourself from spam, scams, and phishing emails. Learn how to set up and use email filters for added protection.
  • Security Tools: Navigate the complexities of antivirus software, VPNs, and other security tools. We’ll help you understand what they are, when you need them, and how to use them.

Scam Stoppers


Equip yourself with knowledge and tools to outsmart scammers with our ‘Scam Stoppers’ course. This one-hour video course is your guide to identifying common scams, particularly those targeting our senior community, and stopping them in their tracks. Plus, after completing the course, join us for a 30-minute live Q&A session to delve deeper into your concerns with our experienced principals.


Course Content

  • The internet is full of opportunities, but it also has its dark corners. Our course will shine a light on the deceptive techniques used by online scammers, focusing on:
  • Social Media Scams: From fake prize giveaways to fraudulent fundraisers, learn how to spot and avoid the most common social media scams.
  • Dating Scams: Discover the red flags of romance scams. Understand the psychological techniques employed by scammers and how to protect your heart and wallet.
  • Email Scams: Decipher the subtle signs of phishing emails, fake invoices, and other deceptive messages. We’ll guide you on how to respond and when to hit ‘delete’.
  • Universal Scam Techniques: Scammers often follow patterns. We’ll arm you with knowledge about the general tactics and approaches that scammers across platforms use, ensuring you’re one step ahead.

Email Security Course


Every day, billions of emails fly through cyberspace. But not every message that lands in your inbox has good intentions. Introducing our ‘Email Security Foundations’ course, designed to empower you to take control of your email’s safety. In just one hour, this course will turn you from an email novice into a security-savvy user, ensuring your communications remain private and protected. And as an added bonus, we’re offering a 30-minute live Q&A session with our seasoned principals to delve into any queries you might have.


Course Content

Emails are a prime target for scammers, but with the right knowledge, you can be on guard. The course covers:

  • Password Strength and Security: Unlock the secrets to creating and maintaining strong, hack-resistant passwords. Dive into the dos and don’ts of password etiquette.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Elevate your security layers with 2FA. We’ll guide you on setting it up and explain why it’s a game-changer in email security.
  • Account Recovery Setup: Never lose access to your email account again. Learn how to set up recovery options, so if things go south, you’re always covered.
  • Identifying Email Threats: Become adept at spotting phishing attempts, malicious attachments, and scam links. We’ll show you the red flags and common tactics used by digital con artists.

Registration and Q&A

Registration for our courses opens soon. In addition to learning from our course content, attendees will be able to submit their questions for live Q&A sessions. Connect with our security professionals, have your most important questions answered, and get personalized advice for a safer online experience.