Ever received an email that made you pause and think, ‘Is this legitimate?’ With phishing, scamming, and malware becoming increasingly sophisticated, you’re right to be cautious. At Safe Horizon Security, we’re introducing an Email Review Service designed to give you peace of mind. Simply forward suspicious emails to us, and our AI-powered system will scrutinize them, guiding you on the next best step.

How it works

1. Sign up to be a beta tester. We’ll scan your emails for free to start.

2. Forward suspicious emails.

3. AI-Powered Analysis: Our cutting-edge AI reviews the content, sender, contact information and indicators of fraud.

4. We send you our review of that email, tell you if it’s legitimate, and give you a list of actions you can take to keep yourself safe.


Why Choose Our Email Review Service?

  • Expert Review: Benefit from 40+ years of professional experience in online safety.
  • Fast Turnaround: Get feedback swiftly, so you’re never left in doubt for long.
  • Privacy Assured: Your emails are treated with the utmost confidentiality.
  • Educational: We don’t just tell you if it’s safe or not; we explain why, helping you become savvier over time.

Sign up for our Email Scanner Today

Safe Horizon is currently accepting new accounts free of charge. We are in the beta-testing stage and welcome people to help test our product. Be aware that this is still a product in development, and while we will do our best to verify your email for you, anyone taking part in the testing process should still treat any suspect email as a potential security threat.